About Sintex Plastic Technology

Sintex Plastics Technology Limited is an India-based company. The Company operates through divisions, including custom moulding solutions and building products and solutions. Moulding solutions is engaged in moulding and post moulding operations. Building product and solutions manufactures water storage tanks, prefab and construction for mass housing. The Company’s solutions include structural solutions, electrical solutions, water management solutions, environmental solution, energy solutions, interior solutions, material handling, telecom solutions, and industrial solutions. The Company’s product offering includes water storage solutions, electrical and SMC products, environmental and green solutions, industrial, prefabs, interiors and BAPL. Water storage solutions include Sintex triple-layer water tanks, Sintex black water tanks, Sintex loft water tanks, Reno water tanks, RenoTuf water tanks, Sintex underground water tanks (FRP) and SMC panel water tanks